Planning a memorable event? Use the best ice cream catering service !

We specialize in catering

Prepacked popsicles and ice creams get delivered in thermal bags with ice packs

  Scoop N Stick created a magical and unique way to serve our favorite dessert. We offer a wide selection of creamy gelato Popsicle as well as fruity sorbet Popsicle. All of our Popsicle are made in-store daily with all-natural ingredients and topped with chocolate and nuts of your choice. We are so glad you have chosen us to cater for your special event! It is advisable to place your order at least a week prior to your event to finalize and ensure your order will be delivered on time. We will transport your Popsicles to your destination with all the required services.

All you need to do is pick your favorite flavor and we'll help you with the chocolate and topping selection. 

We specialize in Ice Cream Catering Service in San Jose and nearby areas . We are experts in corporate catering.

Options Available

Live onsite counter for catering events

Choice 1: Order your pre-made Popsicles with dipping and topping. We'll keep them ready for pick up.

Choice 2: We can have one of our expert creators to serve for one hour just to help pass out the Popsicle. You will need to pre-order Pops with dipping & topping prior to delivery on site.

Choice 3: Order 100 Popsicles or more we recommend to have our professional team to have the whole section set up on site. This includes the Dipping & Topping live on-site to impress you and your guests. They can create their own favorite pop from our selection. 

Packages Available

large selection of flavors and toppings options for events

Package A: We will provide one of our Creators at your special event to set up, organize, and serve the pre-dipped and packaged popsicles. 

Package B (Large order): We will provide a team of our experts to 

customize Popsicle at your special event. They will be responsible for setting up the dipping and topping station along with serving your guests in a professional manner. Guests will be able to create their own magic!