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About Us


Our Passion

Our homemade & handcrafted Gelato and Ice cream are made fresh every morning in small batches. We love experimenting with new flavors and combinations so don't be surprised to find new and exciting flavors in our menu.


Our Belief

We believe in making ice cream that showcases purity and in creating simple, interesting flavors to be enjoyed with those you love. 


Enjoy each bite

It is our hope that, in some small way, our ice cream and gelatos will help create moments with those you love. We hope that you can taste the time and care that goes into every Scoop N Stick

Please enjoy!

Contact Us

We can come to join you at your parties! We Specialize in catering events. From baby showers to a corporate event or even a birthday party. We can match your needs. From Live on-site Popsicle bar to pre-made Gelatos on a stick. Drop us a note below.

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Dessert Catering Specialists

We have closed down the physical location to concentrate on our catering events . To know the details for your next event please email us . 

Scoop N Stick

San Jose, California, United States

scoopnstick@gmail.com (650) 704-6121


Open 7 Days a Week 

 via email/call for any catering events . 

Create your Magic

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  • Choose your Flavor

Step 2

  • Choose your Chocolate dipping
  • Choose your toppings

Step 3

  • Enjoy your creation!